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Dave Watson doesn't just talk about the outdoors…


Dave Watson
Dave Watson grew up in Arizona with two passions - music and the outdoors. He excels in both. Dave has traveled the world in search of high strung adventure with both bow and guitar. Dave's accomplishments as a bowhunter were recognized when he was selected by Congressman Jim Barcia, (D-MI), to serve on the new Congressional Archery Task Force. Dave was also voted by Archery Business Magazine as one of the 25 giants in the Archery and Bowhunting industry over the last 25 years.




Rockin' the USS Nimitz with Lee Greenwood
Rockin' the USS Nimitz with Lee Greenwood.
As a musician, Dave played bass guitar for some of the hottest acts in Nashville including Lee Greenwood, Shenandoah and over 7 years for The Legendary Oak Ridge Boys. According to Dave, the highlights of his music career included two USO Tours in The Mediterranean with Lee Greenwood and countless performances at The White House for President George H.W. Bush. "These were very relaxed days at The White House and I spent most of my time there discussing hunting adventures with The President or shooting with The FBI at Quantico. A few of the guys have become lifelong friends", says Dave, "and if you think I can shoot, you should see what these dedicated men can do with a .308 at 1,000 yards!"




On location in Wyoming
On location in Wyoming.
On his travels, Dave also supports and networks with The EPA, State and Federal Wildlife Agencies, national equipment manufacturers and local pro-shops. "We're all in this together. The future of our land, water and wildlife depend on the cooperation of everyone and it's important for all of us to be a part of the team", Dave stated in a recent radio interview.




Dave, Will Smith and his Dad, Shorty
Dave, Will Smith and his Dad, Shorty
As well as his expertise as a hunter, Dave Watson's credentials include an intimate knowledge of a wide range of outdoor activities including bass and fly fishing, pistol and sporting clay competition, long range target shooting, scuba diving, survival training, horsemanship and packing. Through his outdoor seminars, national television productions, song-writing and performing, Dave Watson plays an important role in introducing people of all ages to the outdoors.



There are a lot of entertainers who hunt.
Dave Watson is a hunter who entertains.
And there's a big difference.

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